Find No of Lines in Files (In a directory & sub directory)

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In this article, we will perform below tasks & this code base is window forms

1.       Find  list of files present in a directory & sub directory without calling function(s) recursively i.e. avoid recursive function

2.       Calculate no of lines of code available in all files under a directory & sub directory

This code is Window Form code:

1.       Open a new windows form application

2.       Add following  controls to the form1,assign controls NAME & TEXT properties respectively

a.       Label  à Name: lblPath, Text: Files Path

b.      Label à Name: lblFileTypes, Text: File Types

c.       Label à Name: lblLinesCount, Text : No of Lines

d.      Label à Name: lblFilesCount, Text : No of Files

e.      Textbox à Name : txtPath, Text:

f.        Button à Name: btnCalculate, Text: Calculate Lines

3.       Declare below global variable inside the form1 class

int linesCount = 0;

4.       Add below code in btnCalculate click event with inline comments to each code statement

private void btnCalculate_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


/* below code, declares array list object & call GetAllFiles which will take folder path which is to be crawled & this function returns all files in the directory & sub directories */

ArrayList filesList = GetAllFiles(txtPath.Text.ToString());

/* below code, for loop is to read each file from filesList object & sum no of files present in each file */

foreach (string fileName in filesList)


/* below code, find all lines present in a files */

string[] lines = File.ReadAllLines(fileName);

/* below code, finds lines count & add it to global linesCount variable*/

linesCount += lines.Length;


/* below code, assigns not of lines present in all files to label  */

lblLinesCount.Text += Convert.ToString(linesCount.ToString());

/* below code, assigns total files crawled by our code */

lblFilesCount.Text += Convert.ToString(filesList.Count.ToString());


5.       Now let’s add GetAllFiles function, with inline comments to each code statements

/* below function takes director path to be crawled */

private ArrayList GetAllFiles(string directory)


/* below code, declares Arraylist object */

ArrayList totalFilesList = new ArrayList();

/* below code, does a preliminary checks to see if the directory path is not empty, if it is empty simply returns i.e. exit the function execution*/

if (directory == string.Empty)

return totalFilesList;

/* below code, creates search option object to crawl all sub directories in a parent directory. The beauty of this is, by using this we can avoid calling of function recursively to find sub directories */

SearchOption sop = SearchOption.AllDirectories;

/* below code, get all files in a directories & sub directories with the extensions .cs

Directory.GetFiles returns files list & take 3 parameters 1. Root directory path 2. Files to be read with extension .cs 3. SearchOption object */

string[] files = Directory.GetFiles(directory, “*.cs”, sop);

/* below code, add up the filesList to main arraylist object */


/* below code, return arraylist with list of files */

return totalFilesList;


6.       Now execute & the output

Happy Kooding… Hope this helps!